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Your Limousine service for Yachting in Saint Tropez

Limousine service for yachting Saint-Tropez
woman on a yacht in Saint-tropez


Choose the best for your guest 

Saint tropez limo’s corporate Transfert Yachting Lifestyle is the most convenient way for business travelers to get around Saint-tropez. First of all, we provide you with all the Yachting Lifstyle transfer services you need to receive your passengers. During their charters from Nice airport to Saint-Tropez. Also, for transfers to Saint tropez or during your stopovers to visit the region or go out to a restaurant. Transfer of your passengers from the airport to the boat with the boat crew, luggage transport, follow-up of the boat along the coast and provision of car at disposal at each stopover.​​ Saint tropez limo will assist you during your stay.

Hourly & Daily services.

With Saint Tropez limo, you could reserve comfort and style by the hour. Our hourly chauffeur services put you in control, allowing you to direct your driver across Saint-tropez, wherever you need to go. Your car will be ready and wait for you when you return. Most important, our hourly limo service gives you the freedom to modify your schedule during the course of your outing, whether you’re at the beach or in Saint tropez. Saint tropez limo is committed to offering you the most flexible possible transportation. Our hourly service will help you discover the convenience of luxury, tailored to your personal schedule and requirements.

limousine for yachting service in Saint-tropez
luxury yacht in Saint-tropez


We tailor our service to match your wants and needs, offering a truly bespoke service

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