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villa security service in st tropez


Your Limousine security service in Saint-Tropez

limousine saint tropez
security agency in Saint-Tropez

Residential Security team & security chauffeur in Saint tropez.

Confidentiality, Privacy & Security.

Saint tropez limo provides with its partners a complete security service for customers requiring special protection both for themselves and for their property ( villas, estates, yachts...) our services range from the security chauffeur to the close protection officer, including surveillance and property guarding.

Each year the acts of malevolence as well as the burglaries in the properties multiply and do nothing but increase on saint tropez and its surroundings. Entrust your security to our agency in order to fully and safely enjoy your stay in Saint-Tropez with Saint tropez Limo.

Security chauffeurs & security response in Saint Tropez

Saint tropez limo & partners has brought you the most suitable solution to your security issues in Saint-Tropez. Whether you are looking for security chauffeurs, close protection officers, dog handlers, surveillance agents or even residential security guarding services with installation of cameras, Active remote surveillance permanently and answering service with intervention day and night 7/7. We will be able to take care of all your requests.

security driver in saint tropez

Security drivers in Saint tropez.

If you want to enjoy the services of our drivers trained in counter surveillance and anti–kidnapping techniques, drivers who know how to react and make wise decisions in an emergency situation, who will instantly drive you to a safe place, drivers who know how to prepare an alternative route and recognize the roads you take so that you will always be on time for your appointments…Contact our agency; saint tropez limo will provide you with a security driver who can drive both one of our limousines for your transfer or even your personal vehicle through saint tropez.

Bodyguard & Executive protection

Profesionnal, diplomatic, discreet, polite and well-educated loyal and righteous. Our close protection officer will fit with your Tropezian lifestyle perfectly. With Saint Tropez limo you can benefit our knowledge of the local Tropezian culture, traditions, topography, to just focus yourself on your family, friends or professional activities. You could do your shopping in one of the many luxury shops in the village or even enjoy a cappuccino in front of the yachts on the port always watched by your bodyguard.

bodyguard in st tropez
luxury villa in saint tropez
Villa & estate security services

The perfect Any form of unwanted intrusion into your home is undoubtedly guaranteed to be a highly distressing experience for you and your family. The homes of senior executives, high net worth individuals, celebrities, professional footballers and diplomats have all been targeted by criminals due to the ease of finding out personal information and having inadequate security. 

Our agency provides a capable, efficient and robust 24/7 physical presence at your villa or estate in Saint Tropez. Operating overtly or discreetly, the physical presence of a residential security team provides protection to you and your family by conducting regular patrols to monitor, quickly deter and respond to any potential security threat.

Based in Saint Tropez and Var's department, our partner's security teams provide protection to villas and property whether occupied or vacant throughout Saint tropez's most affluent areas and throughout the Home Counties.  

Dog handler for property guarding

Our agency provides you with dog handlers for the safety of your villa in Saint-Tropez. the canine officer and dog handler, is a security guard who works in tandem with a dog trained in combat and defense. Holding a professional card issued by the prefecture as well as security officers, the dog handler security agent intervention is empowered to intervene in all contexts where the safety of people and goods can be carried cause. Much greater deterrent than one monitoring agent, the canine officer is ideal for ensuring the night patrols.

dog handler in saint tropez


Our mission is to provide you with a memorable and safe visit regardless of the intricacy and scale involved. If you would like to discuss your requirements further or have any questions about our diplomatic and armoured car chauffeur services in Saint tropez please get in touch today with our specialist team.

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