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VIP limousine service in Saint Tropez


Your Limousine service for Embassy in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez limousine
Embassy in Saint-Tropez

Your limo agency in St Tropez for Royal Monarchy & Ambassadors. 

Confidentiality, Privacy & Security.

Saint tropez limo has built its reputation on protecting the privacy and security of its guests. We provide a range of luxury & secure transfers services to Royal Family, Presidential Family & Ambassador from around the world. The professionalism and know-how of our agency in St-Tropez will meet requirements worthy of being expected by such sensitive guests. whether the delegation resides in a Palace in saint-tropez, in a Villa or on a yacht in the bay, saint tropez limo is able to provide you with a complete service in terms of transport and security in line with the executive protection of the guest.

Armoured Car Chauffeurs in Saint-Tropez

Saint tropez limo’s heritage has always been in the diplomatic sector, offering unrivalled diplomatic and armoured car chauffeur services in Saint-Tropez. We specialise in high profile visits and pride ourselves on the level of knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail we are able to demonstrate. From a single principle to a visiting head of state, we have the necessary expertise to ensure your client is protected from the moment they step off the plane to the moment they step back on.

armoured car chauffeurs in Saint-Tropez
Support the delegation on the tarmac

saint tropez limo will provide you with as many limousines as you wish to take care of the delegation directly on the airport tarmac as soon as they get off the aircraft. we can provide you with both Mercedes S-klass for distinguished guests and Mercedes V-Klass vans for close protection as well as luggage vans. Our agency is responsible for getting in touch with the airport authorities in order to have all the necessary accreditations to enter the tarmac. it will also take care of contacting the French authorities if the convoy requires a security escort.

Limo service in Saint tropez.

The perfect knowledge of Saint-Tropez by our chauffeurs will allow your delegation to benefit from a top-of-the-range service during your stay in Saint-tropez. they know every alley, every parking spot and which route to take depending on the time of day to ensure the safety and comfort of sensitive customers. If the customer and his family have lunch in a restaurant on one of the Pampelonne beaches in Ramatuelle, they also know where to park as close as possible when the customer or his family is at the beach in case an urgent departure proves necessary. Saint tropez limo will assist you.

Limousine ambassador Saint-tropez
embassy saint tropez limousine


Our mission is to provide you with a memorable and safe visit regardless of the intricacy and scale involved. If you would like to discuss your requirements further or have any questions about our diplomatic and armoured car chauffeur services in Saint-tropez please get in touch today with our specialist team.

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